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Welcome to Heidi's World of Dawn & Friends!

Come have some fun and reminisce about old times and fun we had as girls!  Dawn Dolls made by the Topper Corporation in the early 70's were my favorite toy.  With me, they even ranked above Barbie!  These dolls captured my heart as a child and still do today.  Check out my collection and learn a little more about these really groovy girls.

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Topics on this page: Dawn Info, Dedication, FAQ's, About Me, and Buy New Dawns for your girls or yourself!

Dawn Info

Just thought I'd tell you a little more about us.Dawn had many friends by the time Topper was done, but first there were Angie, Glori, Dale, then Jessica (me, of course) and Longlocks.  Later they added the Majorettes, the Head-to-Toe dolls, the Model Agency Dolls, and the Dance Party dolls: Fancy Feet and Kevin. And we can't forget the original guys - Gary, Van, and Ron.

If you are an avid Dawn doll collector, I'm sure you have noticed that Topper kept changing the face of Dawn & a couple of her friends as well.  You will see these different looks in my dolls here.  Each of them has a slightly different appearance and a unique "personality" that seems to go with it.  You may also notice that I don't always display my dolls in the original outfits.  Most of the time, I have matched outfits with each doll to try to capture the individual "personality" or "attitude" seen in each face.  For this reason, I actually prefer the loose minty dolls to the packaged ones that I can't touch.

Dawn dolls have many differences.  Some of the body styles are slimmer with smaller looking breasts (not so round) and flatter butts - these are usually the dolls with no green knees.  Even though the dolls with the fuller bodies tend to have more of the green knee problems, I prefer them.  Although I cannot say for sure, I believe that the fuller bodied dolls are the earliest made.  I make this assumption because all of the Model Agency dolls (some of the very latest issued) have the slim bodies, and most of the earliest (still mint in box) dolls are the green kneed ones.  You can tell by the boxes that they were first issue.

There are also some other differences in the dolls as well, such as collar bones on certain body moldsCheck your Japan Dawns for these!, that are explained and pictured in more detail on Alexandria North's site entitled "That '70s Doll" on her collector information page under the Identification section.

Dawn dolls are fun to customize and create new outfits for, so don't throw out those ugly, messy haired dolls. Some of the sites on my links page have tips on restoration such as face painting or hair and eyelash rerooting.  Michelle Candace does some really groovy never before seen "do's" on these girls - Visit Michelle Candace Custom Dolls for info and prices on her services.

Many of these pages will not include everything Topper has made.  This is because I am featuring my collection only.  I will be referring viewers to other sites for more info and different details.


I would like to dedicate this site to everyone who ever loved Dawn, and to my precious husband who has played a VERY large part in building my collection.  Often times, he would come home with another special surprise, and I would have yet a few more Dawns, clothes, shoes, etc.  He is the one who tracked down the collections that we bought, and made it possible for me to own some very nice dolls.  I love the beauty in Dawns and hope to have brought some of that back to all of you as well.  Enjoy!!

FAQ's (I will add more as new Questions are asked)
Q Are your Dawn dolls on display or do you have them tucked away somewhere?
A They are on display or in cases stacked nearby - always within reach.
Q How do you display your Dawns?
A In a small china cabinet type display with glass doors and short shelves that I got from a Salvation Army store, or in a customized mirrored wall display that was meant for diecast trucks.  I also have a hexagonal, mirrored, glass case for displaying a single doll.
Q Do you have a list of people that you notify before you get ready to sell
A I do have a list of contacts from visitors to this site and people that I have dealt with on eBay. Some of the e-mail addresses are from 2000. If you want to check to see if you are on this list or if you'd like to be added, e-mail me with your info.

About Me

I am a 37 year old wife and a mother of 4 (1 boy, 3 girls).  My husband and I have been together 21 years and married for most of that.  I was born and raised in the Detroit Metro area of Michigan.  Creativity (in things such as this site) is a strong point for me and I hope to put my talents to good use in a very productive and profitable way.

Updated: 10-27-2002 - My Birthdate: 7-1-1965

Thank you for visiting and have fun browsing!!


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